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Stationery, which cause serious damage to unqualified can produce?

School supplies security hidden danger existing in the most overlooked, school-age children are in a stage of learning about the world, their life and learning supplies, unqualified student supplies is very easy to directly or indirectly affect children‘s health, and even cause irreversible damage!
Today, the small jin to the big guy to chat with you the most familiar school supplies that a security problem.
Do not qualified students supplies will produce what harm?
Every year to see a lot of news about the student supplies selectiving examination unqualified, unqualified project basically has: transferable elements (CD), a pen cap on security, free formaldehyde, core peak stress, the paper whiteness, etc.
Simply explain the five kinds of unqualified project may be harm for children.
1. Can transition element exceeds the potential hazard:
Children are often contain the habit of biting and sucking or finger pen, if can transfer element overweight children are easy to eat into the body, thereby affect the children‘s growth and development.
Transferable elements found in crayon, crayons, markers, crayons, erasers, correction tape (liquid), and other stationery products in the lead, barium, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, antimony, selenium can migration of heavy metal elements, such as in the "standard of student supplies the safety of the general" made strict requirements to elements of migration.

2. The pen cap on the security unqualified potential hazards:

If a minor students inadvertently sucked into a cap, cap may be fixed to the throat obstruction in the airway. If the cap is ventilated, or too big to be swallowed, so you can reduce the risk of suffocation.

So regular pen class supplies pen cap, cap. Standard rules on the body of the cap need to have a continuous air passage of at least 6.8 mm2; Cap should be at room temperature under the maximum differential pressure 1330 mpa minimum ventilation is 8 litres/minute.
3. The potential harm of free formaldehyde to exceed bid:
When the residual formaldehyde in textiles (such as bag, pen bag) and reaches a certain amount, will cause harm to student‘s skin and body health. Long-term exposure may cause skin irritation, the nervous system is unwell, severe cases may also lead to poisoning, cancer.
Student with bag, pen bag, generally for textile products, textile products in the process of dyeing and finishing, etc to join all kinds of dyes, auxiliaries and other finishing agent, so the standard strict control during the production of fabrics and accessories in the formaldehyde content, reduce formaldehyde residue.
4. The white paper have high potential hazard:
In young children‘s growth phase, if the paper brightness (high whiteness) to stimulate, damage eyes, adverse impact on the vision.
This problem is common in the primer, students use texts, books and other related products, "standard of student supplies the safety of the general" rules of these supplies brightness (white) should be no greater than 85%.
5. The core point force unqualified potential hazards:
Fracture of the cartridge with gap edge is likely to cause harm.
How to choose and buy school things safe?
1. As far as possible in regular shopping malls and stores to buy stationery, formal channels to buy quality assured, found issues more perfect after-sales service.
2. Regular stationery will clearly indicate the product information and matters that should be paid attention to when using. With its applicable people, for example, for a few years old children to use. Have "standards GB" related words. Paints, rubber, correction fluid, such as stationery, usually marked with the words "environmental protection, non-toxic" and so on.
3. Try to choose high quality stationery products, choose the yong jin stationery, quality assured!

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