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Stationery toys harmful materials

A recent report from South Korea has attracted the attention of our stationery industry.
South Korea‘s national standards institute recently released the results of a survey shows that children with 23 children commonly used products and does not meet safety standards, including stationery, toys, etc. Most of the products were detected excessive harmful chemicals.South Korea has already recalled 23 products.

The south Korean national technical standards for the 454 model on market children‘s products for the safety inspection, found that 23 of domestic and imported product quality is unqualified, including paragraphs 3 5 toys and stationery, 15 fibre products, there is no lack of among them some south Korean brands.

The problem for most products is that heavy metals, plasticizers and other chemicals exceed the standard. In the zipper part of a Korean pen bag, the contents of heavy metal cadmium exceed the standard 46 times.Another south Korean lead content is nearly three times higher.Many south Korean parents have expressed anger and unease at the ease with which they can be bought in stationery shops near schools.

South Korea has launched a recall process for the 23 children‘s products, ordering companies to recycle faulty products.Through multiple channels public recall list, inform the dealer to stop selling, remind consumers to return goods.It is the latest in a wave of toxic chemicals that have been used to kill south koreans after two incidents of "pesticide eggs" and "problem sanitary napkins" this summer.And this time it is directly related to the child‘s health and safety, and the loopholes in regulation are particularly glaring.Public opinion believes that South Korea must increase its supervision and level of production in order to avoid the constant flow of problematic products into the market.

Children‘s stationery safety, whether you have noticed, choose stationery, or to find yongjin stationery, your children‘s safety, we give you guarantee.Use of peace of mind, just save the heart.

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