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Stationery store management grasp display 2 major principles easy profit

When stationery is a commodity, how to better performance stationery characteristics?We know that good display is a "silent" gold medalist.It can grab customer‘s attention and consumer psychology, and make customers willing to pay, thus improving the turnover of stationery stores.Therefore, the display technology of stationery is very critical.

Display, however, is not a "show-off", and two big principles need to be grasped at the same time: attracting eyeballs and boosting sales.

1. Display is to attract customers and grab attention.Only when customers are attracted to your store, stop, and enter the store, will your product transaction opportunity be high;

2. It can also extend customers‘ stay time by setting PP points (key display) and VP points (scene display) in the store moving line, deep in the store.

3. When customers enter the store, stimulate customers‘ desire to purchase through display, improve the trial rate of various stationery, and increase joint sales.

We should keep in mind that attracting eyeballs and increasing sales are complementary. Only when both of them are achieved can they be considered as qualified display.If the blindly eye-catching balls and ignored the increase in sales, then the most beautiful display is only a shelf.

Several rules for stationery shops:

1. At a glance

Although good display is not neat, "neat" is the basis of display.Stationery shop business chaos, stationery product categories, good classification display is very important.According to the function of stationery, such as writing supplies, revision supplies, four treasures of the study area, painting materials supplies, etc.

2. Easy to take and put

The place of commodity display should be appropriate, especially in the stationery shop around the campus. It is necessary to take the height range of the age of the customers into consideration, choose the shelves on this basis, or pay attention to the convenience of customers when displaying.


3. Full display

The shelves must be full, giving people a variety of stationery, goods rich intuitive impression.It also improves sales and storage capacity and reduces inventory.


4. Live display

The direction of the flow of people that stationery products face, that is, the area that is easy to be seen by consumers, is called the product living area, and vice versa.Want to push the product design of this season to be put in the living area of stationer shop, can let consumer discover the flagship product in inn at the first time so that promote product sale.

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