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School stationery shop management competition

How to stand out among so many stationery stores around campus?We need to know what the competition is in the stationery store.


Good products attract customers, so we must bring good products back to our customers.

The communication of relevant stationery and gift retail information among customer groups is the communication of commodities first, including style, function, brand, price, specification, sense of use, aesthetic feeling, etc., and then the attention will be paid to where to buy


Display is a great knowledge, there are so many gold positions in the store, so we must put new products, necessary products in the golden position.Things like erasers and automatic pencils are placed in regular places, and because of these, students will surely ask.Before placing, understand the purpose of display first, then you can get twice the result with half the effort:

-- purpose of commodity display --

1. Easy for customers to find and get

2. Easy to manage inventory/order

3. Cooperate with the sales of commodities to achieve the purpose of improving sales and gross profit

4. Display the quantity and texture of goods

Beautify your store with merchandise



Stationery shops must do a good job of hygiene, so that customers will not lose.That kind of old - fashioned stationery, dimly - lit side shop form, long ago should abandon, with The Times, can not be eliminated by the market and consumers.


Level of appearance


This is an era of looking at "face". Customers will form a strong store identification, memory and reputation for good stationery stores, but these good feelings must be translated into customers‘ purchasing power. Otherwise, the value of store reputation will not be reflected if customers only have the rate of entering the store but not the rate of order.

Therefore, no matter the shop is decorated or the product itself, besides the quality, we should pay attention to the appearance level. Most of the customers in the stationery shops around the campus are from the year 2000 to the year 2010. Many students should first look at their appearance level when buying stationery.

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