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How to decorate Fashion stationery shop?

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The space pattern that stationery store decorates design is complex and diversiform, each operator can undertake choosing and design according to oneself actual need.How is the stationery shop decorated?General stationery store decoration design to determine the general planning, such as the space of salesmen, customers and the space of the commercial space, the proportion of the district, and then make changes to display the specific goods.

How is the stationery shop decorated?Three Spaces for decoration design in stationery specialty store.Stationery franchised store, stationery specialty store decoration design variety, spatial pattern multifarious is actually the result of three spatial combination changes, three Spaces for the stationery store decoration design of the spatial pattern close relations.

Commodity space: refers to the place where commodities are displayed, with a variety of choices such as box type, platform type and rack type.

Shop assistant space: a place where shop assistants meet customers and perform related tasks.There are two situations: one is confused with customer space, the other is separated from customer space.

Customer space: refers to the place where customers visit, select and purchase goods, which can be divided into three forms: outside the store, inside the store and inside the store.

How is the stationery shop decorated?Stationery shop decoration design space pattern of four forms.The three Spaces can be combined organically according to commodity quantity, category and sales mode, thus forming the four forms of the spatial pattern of monopoly stores.

Contact store: the commodity space is adjacent to the street, where customers buy goods, and the shop assistants provide services in the store, separating customers from the shop assistants through the commodity space.

Close type store: commodity space, customer space and shop assistant space are all in the store, stationery joins store, commodity space separates customer space and shop assistant space.

Enclosed, round-trip store: all three Spaces are in the store, and customers can freely and freely choose products, in fact, open for sale.

Store with limited space for shop assistants: this type of space pattern where stationery joins the exclusive shop is a traditional store form with no space for customer activities, and customers contact, select and purchase goods by the roadside.

It has three characteristics:

One is the limited space for shop assistants.

Second, the customer activity area is outside the store;

Third, commodity space in the store.

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