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How to choose stationery for primary and middle school students in summer?

For most parents of students, it is necessary to know a certain amount of stationery knowledge, and if there are no guidelines for the selection of stationery products, it may be possible to lay hidden dangers for the children‘s safety in the absence of the guidelines.Therefore, it is a good idea to choose the stationery for the children after knowing the relevant stationery.More stationery, yongjin stationery recommends your attention to yongjin stationery website platform information.Below, yongjin stationery gives you the opinion, let you more scientific selection of small and medium-sized student stationery:


One, the kindergarten student stationery should be safe

In the early age of the child, usually pay attention to the color of stationery, like colorful, colorful color.So when choosing school bags, pencil boxes and other stationery, you should choose red, orange, green and blue.They also prefer realistic cartoon motifs such as chibi maruko and watermelon taro.But at the same time to notice the bright color has the hidden danger, so must recognize the brand stationery to be able to have the safeguard.

In addition, the hand scissors that is bought for the child, the blade should be the tip of the arc, should not be sharp tip;Choose be sure to pay attention to the safety cap, when the pen cap should be greater than 16 mm in diameter, on the body of the cap need to have a continuous at least 6.8 mm2 air channel, which can reduce the risk of child after ingestion of suffocation.

Ii. Primary school students choose stationery for health care

Study for pupils to buy stationery and supplies to put special emphasis on protection and the principle of care, for example, when buying a bag should fully consider the pupils are in growth stage, it is important to pay special attention to protect their spine, etc.;Drawing ruler, pen box and so on can‘t have burr, burr, or easy to cut hands.

When buy pen kind things, should look for on the lid to see if there is air or stay out of the gap, because air or stay out of the gap is mainly used to prevent cover the lid, inside and outside pressure, the cap pop up cuts.Do not purchase if there is no air vent or gap left, so that your child will not be in danger.

When buying this kind of goods, exercise book, the textbook cannot be too white (brightness should not be more than 85%), too white will stimulate, injure the eye of the child, affect eyesight.Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose a beige exercise book.

Third, middle school students choose stationery should be practical

This age students prefer abstract patterns of stationery and supplies, can consider to choose simple design, function and practical brand stationery, and avoid to choose too toys stationery.In particular, high school students have a heavy academic burden, so their schoolbags are easy to be overweight, and children who are very tall and erect are immediately hunched.The advice: students should not weigh more than 15% of their weight.Parents should remind their children that they should form a good habit of tidying up their schoolbags every day, and take away the books that have been useless for the time being.

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