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Are the stationers ready for Christmas?

Christmas is the biggest festival of the year in western countries, similar to the Spring Festival in China.However, according to the popularity of Christmas in recent years, this western festival is becoming more and more popular and valued by young people in China. In particular, a student party is excited to send greeting CARDS and gifts to each other on this day to celebrate the festival.So stationery store managers naturally can not miss this hot holiday

1.Holiday stock:

Stationery stores usually start to prepare goods in early December, pay attention to the main Christmas products such as Christmas hats, Christmas trees, Christmas socks, all kinds of Christmas decorations, greeting CARDS, small gift bags small gift boxes and so on, all colors and sizes should be matched.At the same time, don‘t forget the new main force: the Christmas theme of the hand ledger and a variety of paper tape, seals, decorative lace belt, etc., with the Christmas theme of the package bundle sales is also a good sales strategy.


2.Interior decoration:

Store needs to create a Christmas atmosphere, can use warm lights, lights, and at the same time in the store hanging Christmas tree, Santa Claus and other Christmas commodities.Christmas decorations mainly have the following kinds: Christmas tree, Christmas rings, Santa Claus, elk, gift pile, Christmas snowman, Christmas star lights, window snow, chimney, fireplace and so on...Choosing combinations based on different project topics is not recommended for unordered stacking of all elements.In addition, cooperate with the post of some publicity posters, as far as possible to improve the rate of entering the store.

3.Holiday marketing:

In the process of sales, store staff should be trained first, can match Santa Claus costumes, to create a better festive atmosphere.

Holiday marketing strategies can be referred to:

1. Gathered a lot of popularity for the store through the marketing of Christmas supplies, candy and other small gifts.

2. Through holding Christmas themed competition, for example, you can participate in Christmas themed painting, Christmas hand book and other activities to win free of charge or prizes if you buy any Christmas series of products, so as to increase the sales volume of stationery in the store and increase popularity and activity.

In addition to offline activities, usually do WeChat marketing, with a certain number of fans of the base of the store manager can also do online Christmas themed activities, the premise is a novel gameplay or preferential strength enough to attract people, in order to stand out from many businesses in the Christmas activity information.

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