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2019 stationery shops in the way of business, you know?

There are many stationery stores, but the way of operation is different.Some shops pursue big but whole, goods is also not short of, somebody feels do a shop to should be small and delicate, pursuit is perfect.No matter what kind of sales model, should be mainly to make money, then how to manage stationery store?Jin jin helped everyone to organize the daily life of the shop management tips.

Enhance store reputation

As the saying goes, "gold cup, silver cup, is not as good as the public‘s reputation", which is very important for the management of stores. For brick-and-mortar stores, this is also the advantage.Brick-and-mortar stores should take advantage of consumers‘ direct experience to improve pre-sales and after-sales service and increase the service awareness of clerks.Consumers not only buy more goods and services in your store, but also enjoy such services, and they are likely to become the publicity obligation of the store. Believe that there is a group of consumers behind every consumer.Especially the stationery shop around the campus, perhaps the first time just sold to a student, next time is likely to be a group of students, everyone rushed to tell each other, publicity shop, you are afraid of business bad?

Choose competent store managers

Manage the store must first have a "manager" is the core of the shop, a great influence on the shop, determines the life and death of the store power, the manager needs to be done as follows: control of stores operating costs, stock inventory, customer complaints, team building, recruitment, store decoration, deal with a series of problems, such as temporary condition, want to shop operation is good, have to develop a competent manager, to ensure the normal operation of the store and make a profit.

Keep up with The Times

The sale of stationery is like the sale of clothing, also need to pay attention to seasonal and timely vane.Our target customers are students. They use stationery with high frequency, strong curiosity and quick acceptance of new things. They should update "best-selling stationery" at any time.Managers should pay more attention to the popular elements, such as the popular now, the game elements stationery.To sum up, targeted selection of products suitable for the customer base of the shop, from price, quality to product upgrading, level by level, is a necessary condition for running a stationery shop.

After-sales and value-added services

Such as return and exchange services, home delivery services, maintenance services and so on.Providing quality customer service allows customers to buy with confidence, forming a service dependency.

For example: order newspaper, borrow umbrella, sell magazine, snack, sell flower, copy, print function.Such community-based services can enhance customer cohesion while increasing profits.However, the business is complicated, and the cost tends to rise. It needs to carefully consider the degree of idle labor in the store and the space in the store, and choose some service projects to operate.

Be honest and trustworthy

Do stationery industry, do not go wrong door.Students are the future of the country, and the stationery shops offer them is not the best but must be safe and of good quality.So shops can go further.

Though the stationery shop is small, the way of operation is endless.As a manager of a stationery shop, I not only need brains and skills, but also the most important thing is to be diligent. I know how to set small goals for the store at different stages, and I am closer to my ideal store every day.

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