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2019 office supplies mainly stationery shop how to operate?

Stationery industry can be divided into two major consumer groups, one is students, one is the office staff.At present, many units and enterprises still have brand awareness, the quality of first-line brand stationery is guaranteed, but the price is not cheap.Therefore, stationery stores are required to simultaneously operate several brands, so that customers have the choice of choice, such as the primary brand, the second and third line brand as a supplement.

Office supplies plus daily necessities (daily necessities)

Although is a stationery shop, but the scope of "office supplies" is great, as long as it is used enterprise office, stationery shop should provide in conditions allow, daily necessities and office needs, like a mop, paper towels, cups, bags and so on all is an essential part of daily work, we must solve for the customer.The company regards you as the supplier, and it needs that you can try your best to meet the one-stop purchase and supply, which will be more convenient for the company and the enterprise, and won‘t go back and forth because of invoice problems.

Office supplies plus sporting goods (fitness equipment, etc.)

With the improvement of material standard of living, people are paying more and more attention to physical health, more and more people go out to exercise.The personnel of enterprise unit also is such, provide high grade, reasonable sports goods to the unit so can occupy purchase a part.Sporting goods should choose relative major, have after sale safeguard, have the supplier that sports protection knowledge gives study, explain, and can have partial sporting goods to undertake an activity or do market promotion every year.This will increase the credibility of the store, increase sales performance.

Creative office stationery

The young generation of office workers is also a potential market that cannot be ignored. Just like students, young people like creative things. Fresh and curious creative stationery can improve the busy working and living atmosphere in daily life.

How to expand your interpersonal network and store awareness?

There are many ways to sell stationery. There are two main points:

1. Provide sponsorship to local governments, enterprises and units for all kinds of publicity and activities.

2. Pay attention to and respect the middle managers of every enterprise and unit.Dealing with people in administration will help you both in your future and in your own development. They will help you bring in some clients.So don‘t neglect middle managers, get along well with them.

Stationery industry surface is bright, the actual pay ordinary people can not understand, maintain an optimistic, optimistic attitude and healthy body is very important.I believe that every stationery person can make continuous progress and get on the right track.

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