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What is wrong stationery stores in 2019?

Many stationery shop operators always have some of the usual "business philosophy", in the increasingly fierce competition, consumer diversification today, these business ideas can withstand the storm?Today xiao jin take you to have a look, the following business errors do you also exist?


The more variety the better

The more the better. The right way is to examine the surrounding customer base, choose the combination of products with cost performance according to the consumption level and habits of customers, and try to avoid too many duplications of products with the same quality, price and performance on the premise of satisfying the complete structure of stationery products.


The cheaper the product, the easier it is to sell and the higher the profit

Some operators take cheap price as an important standard for choosing products to operate, resulting in too low operation positioning to meet the needs of high-level consumers and can only serve some low-level consumers, which is not conducive to long-term development.

The choice of goods should be based on brand management, to improve the positioning and image of management, at the same time, the "cost" of goods as the primary choice.The appropriate promotion of commodity class can also effectively achieve the growth of turnover.

On the premise that the quantity of goods sold is relatively stable, the lower the price is, the lower the turnover is. On the contrary, the higher the price of goods is, the higher the turnover is.In the same gross margin, the higher the turnover, the higher the profit is bound to be.Thus, low-value goods with high gross margins do not make more money than high-value goods with reasonable gross margins.

Price is the criterion for choosing suppliers

Some operators think: whose price is low with whom.

This practice seems reasonable on the surface, but it is not scientific in reality. The standard to measure suppliers should be evaluated comprehensively from the aspects of price, quality, whether they can provide value-added services and supply stability, as well as pre-sale services.Otherwise, it is easy to be affected by some bad behaviors of vicious competition in the price war, and may even be cheated by fake and inferior products, bringing unnecessary losses to operators.

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